Abihu was the second son of Aaron the Priest and his wife Elisheba, and the nephew of Nahshon, leader of the tribe of Judah (Exodus 6:23; Numbers 2:3). Abihu served as a priest under his father until he offered "strange fire" before God with his older brother Nadab (Leviticus 10.1). When he offered this fire God sent forth a fire that utterly consumed both Nadab and Abihu. Before his death Abihu went with the seventy elders of Israel when they went with Moses and saw the God of Israel (Exodus 24.9-11).

In Hebrew his name is אביהוא [’Abiyhuw’ / ab·ee·hoo]. This is a compound word meaning, "He is my father," or more literally, "My father is he." It comes from the words אבי (my father) and הוא (Third Masculine Singular Pronoun: he).

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