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Anglicare Australia is the national umbrella community services body of agencies associated with each diocese of the Anglican Church of Australia.

Anglicare is also a brand name under which many Australian Anglican community services agencies operate although they may be separate legal entities.

State of the Family ReportEdit

Anglicare Australia has been publishing an annual State of the Family Report each year since 2000.

  • Beyond Economics - families in the forefront (2009)
  • Creative Tension: Australia's Social Inclusion Agenda (2008)
  • Not produced 2007
  • Life on a Low Income (2006)
  • What do Australian Families look like today? (2005)
  • Missing out: Youth in Australia today, Mark Jeffery, (2004)
  • Children growing up in Poverty, Dr Ann Neville, (2003)
  • Unemployment and Poverty, Dr Ann Nevile, (2002)
  • Economic and Social Exclusion, Dr Ann Nevile, (2001)
  • Families as Carers - Families fighting - Economic state of Families (2000)

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