Annie Christopher is a fictional character from the Left Behind series.

Annie grew up in an atheist home in Canada. After losing some friends in the rapture she began searching but became a fan of Nicolae Carpathia . While she was in the air going to New Babylon to work for him, the Wrath of the Lamb earthquake hit killing all her family.

She is described as having short black hair and being athletically built.

In New Babylon she became a believer and meets David Hassid . In Assassins David introduces her to Mac McCullum and Abdullah Smith , Carpathia's pilots who are also believers. She and David get engaged but can't marry till they escape.

On the day of Nicolae Carpathia's funeral, she is killed when Leon Fortunato calls down fire from heaven. The death is not confirmed till the book The Mark when Hannah Palemoon finds her body in the morgue.

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