Apollyon (Left Behind)
Reissue edition cover using first edition artwork
Title Apollyon
Name Apollyon:The Destroyer Is Unleashed
Author Timothy LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins
Genre Christian fiction
Country United States
Series Left Behind
Publisher Tyndale House
Release date February 1, 1999
Media type Print (Hardback and Paperback) also Audiobook
Pages 412 pp (hardcover edition) and 403 pp (paperback edition)
Isbn ISBN 0-8423-2916-1 (hardback edition) and ISBN 0-8423-2926-9 (paperback edition)
Preceded by Soul Harvest
Followed by Assassins

Apollyon: The Destroyer Is Unleashed is the fifth book in the Left Behind series. It was written by Timothy LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins in 1999.

Plot summaryEdit

Because Cameron "Buck" Williams and Rayford Steele have become international fugitives, new believers like Condor 216 first officer Mac McCullum and computer programmer David Hassid take their places as moles in the Global Community (GC) and use his infrastructures to evangelize and thwart Carpathia’s attempts to find members of the Tribulation Force. Rayford also discovers from Hattie Durham that Amanda White was entirely innocent of supposed collaboration with Carpathia - the e-mail texts were simply an elaborate smear campaign ordered by Carpathia himself.

At the prophesized conference of witnesses, held at Teddy Kollek Stadium and hosted by Tsion Ben-Judah, the Potentate makes an unwelcome visit. At this time, the world's water turns to blood, which Carpathia blames on the Two Witnesses. A GC attack at the stadium forces Tribulation Force members to make an escape. Unfortunately, Ken Ritz is killed in the pursuit, and Buck is left behind. With nowhere else to go, he flees to the manor of his friend Chaim Rosenzweig.

Hattie, now desperate to live only for the life of her child, delivers a stillborn. According to new Tribulation Force physician Floyd Charles, Hattie had been poisoned, probably by Carpathia, resulting in the death of her child. Shortly after this, a horde of demonic locusts swarm the earth, attacking everyone who does not bear the mark of the believer. In which it is so horrible that men try and kill themselves but are not allowed to die.

Chloe Steele Williams goes into labor, delivering a healthy baby boy in the most chaotic period in human history. She names him Kenny Bruce Williams in memory of Ken and the late Bruce Barnes.

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