The Judges is a group of people in the Bible preceding Kings and Prophets. Every Judge is a Prophet, but not every Prophet is a Judge. 

Role of the Judges Edit

The Judges were fourteen individuals throughout the Book of Judges assigned to "judge" Israel. Throughout the book, there is a common trend of Israel abandoning God, God taking his sovereign hand off from Israel, Israel pleading for God to aid them, and God subsequentally sending a Judge to save them. This cycle is repeated throughout the Old Testament.

During the age of the Judges, God was considered the King over Israel. These Judges were, as the name implies, His judges. They judged Israel for breaking the Law and would save them after pleading for God to help them. They were later replaced with Prophets, who had a similar role, but still distinct.

While Prophets were always righteous individuals, Judges weren't always the most holy of people. Still, they accomplished their job and delivered Israel from punishment.

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