1 Kings and 2 Kings are an account of the actions of the kings of Judah and Israel. Many of the events are also told in the Books of Chronicles. 1 Kings is an immediate sequal to the Books of Samuel.

Old Testament and Tanakh
Jewish, Protestant, Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Oriental Orthodox
Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Oriental Orthodox
Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox
Russian and Oriental Orthodox
Oriental Orthodox

Books of Nevi'im
First Prophets
1. Book of Joshua
2. Book of Judges
3. Books of Samuel
4. Books of Kings
Later Prophets
5. Book of Isaiah
6. Book of Jeremiah
7. Book of Ezekiel
8. Minor prophets


  • Author: Unstated/Unknown
    • Possible Author: Jeremiah
      • Babylonian Talmud, some rabbinic circles claim Jeremias authorship

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