I've always been intrigued by the concept of free-will. It seems to me that if man was created after God's image, then perfection is the only way he could live his/her life. Free-will suggests that there are alternatives. Right:Wrong Good:Bad Best:Good Enough Free will is the ability to make choices in life. But what is this concept of choice? If God's creation was absolutely perfect, there is only one way - His way, and that implies "no choice - just perfection and inherent knowledge of it." Choice provides the potential for right/wrong, good/bad, etc. So when was choice introduced? I assert that Satan himself is the vehicle that enables choice. Satan was cast to earth like lightning as the bible tells us. We also know that he appeared to Eve in the form of a serpant and he infiltrated her mind with "an alternative, a choice, and temptation." So, Eve was presented with choice. Previously knowing nothing but God's way, neither Adam nor Eve could exercise free-will because all they knew was "RIGHT." Satan introduced "choice" by telling Eve it would be okay to eat fruit from the forbidden tree. So, it seems that Satan became the first agent of free-will. One might argue that free-will was exemplfied by Adam and Eve both by their taking the left path instead of the right path, or by jumping the creek instead of wading through it. I would find it difficult to disagree with that. In this case free-will is still in the context of perfection, because left or right path has no bearing on what's right or wrong. Take Satan and his influence out of this world, and human beings who have the indwelling spirit of God in them, will never be presented choice, because: TRUTH will no longer imply the existence of "FALSE," because FALSE will not exist! RIGHT will no longer imply the existence of "WRONG," because WRONG will not exist! BEST will no longer imply the existence of "WORST," because WORST and all degrees between BEST and WORST will not exist. "The opinions, beliefs, and viewpoints expressed by this author on this website do not necessarily reflect those of the CKB! " Added for for levity! LOL. In short, I don't know the answer, so this is my best guess. :)

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