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Standard of The Salvation Army

The Chief of the Staff of The Salvation Army is the officer who is second in command of the Army internationally, only behind the General, and is stationed at International Headquarters in London.

The office of Chief of the Staff was created in 1880 by General William Booth. The first officer to take the position was his son, Bramwell Booth, in 1881.

The Chief of the Staff also calls in the Commissioners of The Salvation Army to form a High Council to elect a new general.

Lists of Chief of the StaffEdit

  1. (18811912) Bramwell Booth
  2. (1912–1919) T. Henry Howard
  3. (1919–1929) Edward Higgins
  4. (1929–1937) Henry W. Mapp
  5. (1937–1939) John McMillan
  6. (1939–1943) Alfred G. Cunningham
  7. (1943–1946) Charles Baugh
  8. (1946–1953) John J. Allan
  9. (1953–1957) Edgar J. Dibden
  10. (1957–1961) William J. Dray
  11. (1961-1961) Norman F. Duggins
  12. (1961–1969) Erik Wickberg
  13. (1969–1974) Arnold Brown
  14. (1974–1977) Arthur E. Carr
  15. (1977–1982) W. Stanley Cottrill
  16. (1982–1987) Caughey Gauntlett
  17. (1987–1991) Ron A. Cox
  18. (1991–1993) Bramwell Tillsley
  19. (1993–1999) Earle Maxwell
  20. (1999–2002) John Larsson
  21. (2002–2006) Israel L. Gaither
  22. (2006–2010) Robin Dunster
  23. (2010–2013) Barry Swanson
  24. (2013) Andre Cox
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