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The history of Christian wikis is much more recent than that of wikis in general. A wiki website is a site that allows users to add content, as on an internet forum, but also allows anyone to edit the content.

Wikipedia, with hundreds-of-thousands of articles, is the most well-known wiki website and is a testimony to the effectiveness of wikis in allowing exchange of information through collaborative effort. It contains thousands of articles related to religion. One of the criticisms that adherents to various religious groups have however is that in attempting to maintain a neutral point of view, some of the teachings of their religion can be "watered-down" or altered. These critics also state that the neutral point of view is in the eye of the beholder. In response to some of these criticism, explicitly Christian wiki websites have been set up. The majority of them adhere to a specific Christian denomination or tradition, including most that claim to be non-specifically "Christian" in nature. They tend to fall into three categories, Online Bible encyclopedias (of varying completeness and denominational emphases), general Christianity wikis without a specific denominational slant, and wikis devoted to a specific Christian denomination or tradition.

General Christianity and Christian Theology Encyclopedias

Christianity Knowledge Base: Articles and discussions on any Christian topics. Christian Point of View. Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike | About Page
Jesus Database: Historical Jesus research. License unknown
Theologia: A wiki about theology from an ecumenical point of view. Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike
WikiChristian: A wiki encyclopedia of Christianity. Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike | About Page

Specific Denominations or Traditions

CreationWiki: A Christian apologetics encyclopedia focused on creation science. "Contributing editors must believe the universe and life on earth were created by God". GFDL - Multi-lingual Portal - English site
OrthodoxWiki: A wiki encyclopedia of Eastern Orthodox Christianity. GFDL / Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike / non-commercial attribution share-alike / © | About Page
SAWiki: A wiki dealing with all aspects of The Salvation Army. non-commercial attribution share-alike / © | About Page
Theopedia: A conservative Christian wiki encyclopedia guided by a Reformed theology perspective. It holds a Reformed view point, but welcomes all evangelical contributors and its forum is open to all perspectives. Creative Commons by-3.0 | About Page

Christian Music

LifeMusic Wiki: A wiki covering all aspects of Christian music. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 | About Page

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