The Columbia Avenue Church of Christ is located at 315 Columbia Ave. in Glasgow, Kentucky. We are headed by the ministers Van Robarts, Darrell Wallace, and Daniel McCarley. The membership is currently around 400, and is steadily growing. The Columbia Avenue Church is deeply interested in the spiritual growth and development of its members, and there are many fun activities planned year-round for groups of all ages. If you are ever in town, we hope you will come to one of our services.

Youth GroupEdit

The youth at Columbia Avenue is headed by the minister Daniel McCarley. Its current size is around 30, and it is very active. They are constantly going on youth retreats, whether it is Winterfest in February, or Impact in the summer. One of the favorite trips is the annual church camp, held at Taylor Christian Camp in the early summer. The teens are involved in helping the community in many ways, such as the canned food drives they participate in to the mission trip taken in the summer. With the recent addition of a junior youth group, we hope to expand tbe outreach of our ministry to more and more children. The youth group is a wonderful place for middle and high school students to develop and maintain a healthy relationship with God.


Columbia Avenue Church of Christ is involved in many community ptojects that greatly benefit the Glasgow community and surrounding areas. There is a clothing house where local families can come to obtain clothes they need. We also run a TEA (Temporary Emergency Assistance) house for families who are having trouble securing a home. many citizens look forward to our annual Christmas Dinner, where many people recieve a hot meal and the children each get a present from the ever-popular Santa Claus. God tells us to serve those around us, and we try to reflect this spirit at Columbia Avenue.

Service TimesEdit

Sunday Bible Study- 9:00 AM

Sunday Morning Worship- 10:00 AM

Sunday Evening Worship- 6:00 PM

Wednesday Bible Study- 7:00 PM

Small GroupsEdit

On Sunday nights at Columbia Avenue, we are holding small groups, instead of having one worship at the building for everyone. In this system, there are about 15 groups of people, each meeting at a host's house. This system is more personal than the traditional, full-participation assembly method, and the participants are finding that they grow closer to God while they grow closer to each other. It is a very successful system, and we invite all visitors to talk to a small group leader about joining their group on Sunday nights. Occasionally, we will take a break from the small goups and meet at the building for a while- if this is the case, it will be known at the church on Sunday mornings.

For a list of the small groups meeting, check at the church.


Columbia Avenue Church of Christ's official website

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