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Creationism is the belief that God literally created the world and the entire universe. It is generally split into two camps, Young Earth Creationists and Old Earth Creationists, the former preferring to believe in a literal, seven day creation account as recorded in the Book of Genesis, and the latter preferring to interpret the "days" of Genesis in a manner corresponding to the belief of most scientists (which is prone to frequent changes) as to the real age of the universe, while maintaining that God was responsible. Christian denominations are split on whether or not Genesis' story of Adam and Eve and the Creation is factual. Many Protestant denominations side with a literal translation of the Bible, and adhere to Creationism, while others, most notably the Roman Catholic Church, once accepted Creationism but have since reversed their views and now see it as simply a story in light of new evidence, specifically the General Theory of Evolution.

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