David Hassid is a fictional character found in the Left Behind series.

Formerly assigned to Global Community Headquarters Palace, New Babylon, United Holy Land States (United Carpathian States) as Director of Purchasing; oversees all purchases for the GC and the hangar and cockpit crew of the Condor 216 and later the Phoenix 216.

Hassid is a Jew who worked in New Babylon in the global government headed by Supreme Potentate and Antichrist Nicolae Carpathia. Very quickly, he becomes a believer in Christ, and is spotted by Mac McCullum in the GC shelter right after the Wrath of the Lamb earthquake (early in book four, Soul Harvest).

Hassid works in communications and is considered one of the top computer experts alive. His service to the Tribulation Force is to confound communications, tip off the Trib Force and arrange for some goods to be "mislaid" and end up in the hands of the Tribulation Saints.

Immediately after Carpathia's assassination, Hassid has to work with artist Guy Blod, who is making a huge statue of Carpathia. Hassid and Blod clash, but eventually, Hassid realizes he must get along with Blod or risk discipline and possible exposure as a Tribulation saint; also, it is not very Christ-like to be promoting enmity. Hassid's love interest, Phoenix 216 cargo chief Annie Christopher dies as a result of False Prophet Leon Fortunato's Satan-imbued ability to call down lightning from heaven to kill any non-Carpathianist. Hassid begins grooming Chang Wong, a young man from China who is also very technically gifted, as his protégé and replacement when Hassid must leave; the mark of loyalty is now required of employees in New Babylon, and Chang, given the mark unwillingly, has both the mark of the Beast and the mark of God's own on his forehead.

After his death is faked, Hassid starts setting up communications in Petra to prepare for the remnant of Israel to arrive during the fifth year of the Tribulation.

Hassid is killed by two GC MIAs at Petra before the remnant actually arrives.

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