Emmaus Bible College in Epping, a suburb of Sydney, New South Wales is an Australian Bible college established in 1954.

It is affiliated with the South Pacific Association of Bible Colleges and the Sydney College of Divinity. The college is located approximately 25 minutes from Sydney’s CBD. Emmaus Bible College is a Biblical higher education center which teaches the Bible, with an emphasis on New Testament principles and the integration of a biblical worldview. Emmaus has a Correspondence School division, as well. Courses are available in 105 countries and in 125 languages. Emmaus Bible College has a sister institution in the USA, Emmaus Bible College, of Dubuque, Iowa.

The college has about 30 full and part-time students. Emmaus is associated with the Christian Brethren a non-denominational, loose fellowship of like-minded evangelical churches. Sixty percent of the student body are derived from the assemblies (Christian Brethren), while the other forty percent derive from other Christian backgrounds. Emmaus offers diploma, Bachelor degree and internal awards in Biblical and ministry-related fields. The College is located in large well sourced facilities. Emmaus Library holds the largest collection of Brethren books within the southern hemisphere. The school offers training for men and women with opportunities to serve in ministry placements as they arise.

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