Endtime Ministries is an American Pentecostal organization founded and headed by Oneness Pentecostal minister Irvin Baxter, Jr..

Its focus is an explanation of world events from a "Biblical" perspective, with an emphasis on prophecy and exposition of eschatological theories. These follow a general Pentecostal and Fundamentalist/Evangelical exegesis, with emphasis upon various modern nations being prophesied in the Bible, and events heralding the impending advent of the Antichrist. Some of these predictions include a new world war that will kill up to two billion people, and the identification of Britain, the U.S., Russia and Germany with the "four beasts" of the Book of Revelation.

Endtime Ministries produces a Biblical prophecy magazine, Endtime Magazine, together with an internationally-syndicated radio talk show, Politics and Religion which is heard on stations such as KLNG, KPSZ, KKPZ, and KJSL (AM), among others. It has also created a series of Bible study and prophecy books.

In 2006, Endtime Ministries hosted a rally in its home city of Garland to protest the REAL ID Act of 2005, which Baxter links to the Mark of the Beast prophesied in Revelation 13:15-18

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