The Holy mass of the Catholic church that has 4 rites.

Rites of the Mass Edit

  1. Introductory rite
  2. Liturgy of the Word
  3. Liturgy of the Eucharist
  4. Concluding Rite

Types of Rites Edit

  1. Introductory Rite- usually led by an opening prayer. then the processional rite led by the altar boy, readers, ministers and Priest. and the mass began with I confess, Lord have Mercy, Gloria. and leads into the Liturgy of the Word
  2. Liturgy of the Word- when the people sat on the chairs. the reader went to the altar podium where he/she read the First reading from the Old testament, Responsoral hymn from the Psalms and The Second Reading from the New Testament. after this the People needs to listen the Holy gospel, after it the Priest state and Homily.
  3. Liturgy of the Eucharist- this is the Most Solemn part of the Mass.
  4. Recessional Rite- The End part where the closing prayer announces, the mass ended and the priest, ministers, lectors left the church

Who Participated Edit

  • Priest- The one who lead the mass
  • Priest/Bishop= Co-celebrators of the Mass
  • Lay Ministers- Assist the Priest at the Communion
  • Reader- Reads the Scripture

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