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A Flying Bishop - more properly known as a Provincial Episcopal Visitor - is one of three persons appointed within the Church of England to give oversight to those parishes unable to accept the ministry of the diocesan because he has ordained women to the presbyteral order.

Parishes may adopt Resolution C by vote of the Parochial Church Council which requires the Diocesan Bishop to cede pastoral oversight but not legal authority to the PEV, this is known as seeking alternative episcopal oversight.

The two PEVs for the province of Canterbury are the Bishops of Ebbsfleet and of Richborough, both are ancient Christian sites that no longer have an ecclesial presence. The PEV for the province of York is the Bishop of Beverley. Within the Diocese of London the Bishop of Fulham acts on behalf of the Bishop of London for those parishes where Resolution C has been adopted.

The PEVs and the Bishop of Fulham have become a focus for the campaign to create a third province - a non-geographical entity for those opposed to women's presbutyeral ministry.

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