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Liberal Christianity may refer to a denomination or groups of denominations, group, or even individual person who takes a flexible view on Christian doctrine, especially the Bible.

Genesis, how we doth not want to murder theeEdit

One Common form of this flexible viewpoint concerns Allegorical interpretations of Genesis, which often come close to writing God compleatly out of the picture in specifics and replacing Him with "The Big Bang did it" or worse yet, "Evolution did it". Often, these interpretations of Genesis stem from people's unwillingness to believe that Evolution did not create the animals, but that God did. Many Christians, however, claim that God merely started the Process of Evolution to create the animals; another example of allegorical interpretations of Genesis, but one which nonetheless attributes God with responsibility for creation at least in some part or the most part.

Common cultureEdit

In culture, Liberal Christianity often prefers to not take the commands of the Bible literally, and will often reflect this in their lives. A Liberal Christian may not be so certain that cussing falls under the category of "Unwholesome talk", (Cite verse here, unless we decide to delete this article.) might not be quite so confident that Jesus really told people that lusting after someone was a sin, (I think this is Matthew 6, but im not sure, maybe it's 5) or worse yet, might assume that "Born again" was just an un-important allegory of some kind. Liberal Christianity can take any number of forms of not really believing the Bible literally in either tiny parts of wholesale and can cover thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of perspectives on the Bible and Christianity, and perhaps varies based on every single person in the world. This is why I really think this article needs to be deleted, and it's content merged with Allegorical interpretations of Genesis or Evolution or something.

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