The Reformed Episcopal Church was founded in 1873 by Bishop George Cummins and other clergy and laity from the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States.

The Split was caused over a percieved lack of protestantism and Evangelicalism in the PECUSA of its day.

Today the REC exists mainly on the East Coast with a small number of other Churches in other parts of the country.

The REC has three seminaries. The Reformed Episcopal Seminary in Bluebell Pennsylvania, The Cramner Theological House in Houston Texas, and The Cummins Theological Seminary.

The REC holds in High Regards the 39 Articles of Religion, and the Declaration of Principles. Clergy are not allowed to preach against these documents, but are allowed small disagreement with them on a personal level.

The REC is not a Member of the Continuing Church movement, but shares many ideals with such Churches. The REC is in communion with the Church of Nigeria.

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