Soul Harvest
Soul Harvest
Reissue cover using first edition artwork
Title Soul Harvest
Name Soul Harvest: The World Takes Sides
Author Timothy LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins
Country United States
Genre Christian fiction
Series Left Behind Series
Publisher Tyndale House Publishers, rebound by Sagebrush (1999), Thorndike Press (large print hardcover edition)
Release date February 1, 1998; large print hardcover; December 1, 2000; large print paperback, May 1, 2002
Media type Print (hardback and paperback) also Audiobook
Pages 448pp (hardcover and paperback), 517pp (large print hardcover), 560pp (large print paperback)
Isbn ISBN 0-8423-2915-3 (hardback), ISBN 0-8423-2925-0 (paperback), ISBN 0-613-23489-8 (school and library binding), ISBN 0-7862-2905-5 (large print hardback), ISBN 0-8423-6553-2 (large print paperback)
Preceded by Nicolae
Followed by Apollyon

Soul Harvest: The World Takes Sides is the fourth book in the Left Behind series. It was written by Timothy LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins in 1998.

Plot summaryEdit

After the Wrath of the Lamb earthquake, Rayford Steele must find his wife Amanda White, who was supposed to land in New Babylon. Buck Williams must find his wife Chloe Steele Williams, who was last seen in a house that is now a shattered ruin. The only other person accounted for is Tsion Ben-Judah, and nearly a quarter of the world's population is to be snuffed out by this earthquake. Both Buck and Tsion find a new home for the tribulation force after discovering the death of a close friend to the tribulation.

While Buck spirits Chloe out of a hospital, after discovering she is pregnant with their baby, believers around the world discover that they have received a sign on their foreheads visible only to other believers, leading to the common phrase, “I can see yours. Can you see mine?” This mark becomes a central plot device, since believers are able to locate each other with ease and yet blend in with Antichrist and Global Community Potentate Nicolae Carpathia's henchmen when necessary.

The Tribulation Force find Hattie Durham in an abortion clinic and discovers that Carpathia is plotting to have both Rayford and Hattie murdered there. Pretending to be Rayford, Buck rescues Hattie and kills a security guard in the ensuing firefight.

Rayford, who continues to fly for Carpathia, finds Amanda’s body in a crashed plane at the bottom of the Tigris River as flaming hailstones and blood pour down from the sky.

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