Unmasked is written by Jerry B. Jenkins and Timothy LaHaye. It holds titles 26–28 in the Left Behind:The Kids book series, which is about the Rapture, and the seven years before the Glorious Appearing of Christ. It is the eighth novel of the 12-book series. It starts three days after Nicolae Carpathia, the Antichrist, kills the two witnesses at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. To Nicolae's dismay, the witnesses come back from the dead, and rise into the clouds. Immediately after, an earthquake strikes the city, leaving most of Jerusalem in ruins.

Judd Thompson Jr. and Lionel Washington survive the quake, and meet someone who can finally get them back to Illinois. But when they are thrown a detour, they end up watching Nicolae's Gala. Chaim Rosenzweig was a special guest at the Gala. While Carpathia was speaking, a gunshot rang out from the crowd. As Nicolae fell backwards from alarm, Chaim pulled out a sword and killed the evil Potentate. A couple days later, the Global Community hosts a funeral for Carpathia. Leon Fortunato, the next highest in command, was the main speaker at the funeral. He amazed everyone by calling down fire on a couple of Christians in the crowd. It was terrifying for Judd and Lionel. But that wasn't the end of the horror. Judd watched as Nicolae's chest started to move up and down in his glass coffin. The crowd stared in awe as he sprung out of the coffin and onto the stage. The beast had risen!

Vicki Byrne and the others of the 'Young Tribulation Force' watch the drama in Israel unfold from their hideout in Illinois. But when their safety is crushed, they find a new place to stay in Wisconsin. There, they discover a clever new way to spread their message.

Follow the Young Trib Force as they struggle to free their friends from the most evil government the world has ever seen.

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