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About MeEdit

Open Letter to adopt this Christianity Wikia,

I'm a new member of Wikipedia and all of the Wikimedia Foundation projects, and I'm the founder of The Perl Wiki in Wikia at Wikia:c:Perl, and I came here just the other day from The Health Wiki in Wikia at Wikia:c:Health, looking for a little Christian safe house, or safe haven, for some Christianity friendly discussions in a forum about managing a difficult chronic illness called BFS, and I was welcomed warmly. Thank you very much to The Rock of Victory, named J. J..

I am a true Christian, living The Way, The Truth and The Life modelled by Jesus Christ my Lord, and I was originally raised in the Methodist style of Christianity, but I'm very much my own Christian today, because I'm always listening to God with my own mind's eye. My ancestors were some of the original Quakers, and I've been to a Quaker meeting house to honor and investigate their faith. Other ancestors were Mennonites, and my next door neighbors are Amish, and you'll hopefully never meet the Amish here on the internet, but I know for an absolute fact that they are true Christians just like me. To Jesus, His sheep are His sheep, and everyone is one of God's many children. What is important is the real well-defined function and the real and true effects of being a Christian, more than the specific style of worship that you have adopted within your own local church and family.

Differences of Christian Community opinion can always be resolved by patient and thoughtful argumentation, performed in good faith.

I will answer any question, and I will ask my questions right back.

I'm not here for power; instead, I'm here to empower our Christian Community.


Eric R. Meyers

Answer #0:

One of the first things that I'd do, if I were made king for a day, is change the name of this very special place to The Christianity Wiki in Wikia.


Christianity is a RELATIONSHIP with The Triune God.

Christianity is PERSONAL and SPIRITUAL.


The Good FaithEdit

  • Christians FORE-GIVE PEOPLE the benefit of the doubt, in good faith.

The Good SufferingEdit


The Good FunctionEdit

The Just War (Wikipedia:Just War) is The Counter-Intuitive War that Heals people, rather than Kills people. This is something called Fighting for Peace, or Peacemaking.

The Good EffectsEdit

  • Faith instead of chronic doubt
  • Hope instead of chronic fear
  • Love instead of chronic hate
  • Health instead of chronic illness
  • Peace instead of chronic warfare
  • God instead of chronic power struggles

The Good Goal of The Mission from GodEdit

The Common Good (Wikipedia:Common Good) includes everyone globally ("Muslims, Hindu's, Protestants and Catholics.", etc.). We are all God's Children.

Expose The Truth, and shine The Light of GodEdit

The truth is always the truth, and no matter how many different ways that you might imagine to look at the truth, it's just always the same. It's just simply The Truth, and the same thing can be said about The Way and The Life, of Jesus. The more you look at the truth, the more true the truth becomes for you, because by looking at the same truth from many different perspectives, the more clear your understanding of that truth. Learn about the truth, and the truth will educate you, and set you free.

  • Jesus most often quoted from The Book of Deuteronomy, and Jesus is still living as:
    • The Logos of God
    • The Reason of God
    • The Word of God
    • The Savior of Mankind
    • The Redeemer of The World
    • The King of Kings
    • The Lord of Lords
    • The Lord of Heaven and Earth
    • The Head of The Christian Church
    • The Message of The Gospel
    • The Model of Excellent Humanity
    • The Model of Excellent Leadership
    • The Model of Excellent Faith
    • The Son of God

Demonstrate God's ExcellenceEdit

Christians should strive to be excellent, like Jesus.

Thrive within a vibrant Christian CommunityEdit

Christians should show the world The Way, The Truth and The Life, of Jesus.

Christ's special Christian Community meaning to meEdit

  • The teller of The Good Shepherd parable is gathering his own people
  • Luke 11:23 (King James Version)
    • He that is not with me is against me: and he that gathereth not with me scattereth.

Christ's special Christian Community moment to meEdit

  • The teller of The Good Samaritan parable is abandoned by his own people
  • John 16:32 (King James Version)
    • Behold, the hour cometh, yea, is now come, that ye shall be scattered, every man to his own, and shall leave me alone: and yet I am not alone, because the Father is with me.

The Lord's Prayer about Our FatherEdit

Matthew 6:9-11 (King James Version)

  • 9
    • After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.
  • 10
    • Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.
  • 11
    • Give us this day our daily bread.
  • ...

Hi Rock of Victory, or J. J. Edit

Hi J. J., I didn't mean to confuse you. I've worked with Lisa, Wikia:User:Sannse, and she is really good, when you need some good help from Wikia.

I've read your userpage here, and I see that you are thinking in the correct way, so I think that we are going to get along fairly well.

Last night, I got a little disgusted, and eventually we can discuss things more fully, but I'm just here to say hello, and to thank you for your quick and friendly response.

Here's the general idea, expressed quickly, not perfectly. Wikipedia and other Wikimedia namespaces are the real world that Jesus sent us, his disciples, into, to save people in the world. He is not telling us to build heaven on earth for Christians, with only the CPOV; instead, he's telling us Christians to go to work in the real world, and win the world over by fighting the good fight of getting our good ideas and our real healing and saving truths into "The Sum of All Human Knowledge" contained in Wikipedia and other Wikimedia namespaces. We should be working, struggling and enduring daily in Wikipedia, not spinning copied Wikipedia content into a sterilized Christianity-Wikipedia snapshot of Wikipedia. There is only one living truth, and it is still developing daily, and that one living truth will land in Wikipedia, if I have anything to do with it.

Without being rejected by Wikia, Nsandwich has now gone off, with very little community discussion that I could see here, and he started a new effort in scattering more so, because last night I saw that they have 12000 some pages extracted, from what I can only assume was "Everything Under the Sun" copied from Wikipedia to create his great vision of a Christian-only-Wikipedia snapshot, and they are in the process of converting it all to conform to that new server that he's decided to work on.

We simply get our daily bread from God, and that one living truth includes both Spiritual Experience and Scientific Observation, and to extract everything Spiritual-in-nature to remove unwanted stuff that is Scientific-in-nature is an absolute absurdity that I can not stand for, while I'm still living and breathing for my God, and His Truth. It's like telling the world "You are simply wrong, and you'll just have to believe us, without us also being in your Community collaborating, cooperating, communicating and contributing with you to the collection of the real and true facts of life here on Earth." We are supposed to be living with them. We are supposed to be working in the despicable slime of their world, not in some special happy place for Christians, with the CPOV.

Yes, we need a Shiloh, but a very smart Christian can be very fair and write a very excellent NPOV article that tells the one simple truth, called The Truth, named Jesus Christ and The Word of God. This place is an excellent home for Christian Opinion and Devotionals, but Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia namespaces should be the one home of The Truth, and "The Sum of All Human Knowledge".

Like you, I don't like redundancy. And, I also don't like littering.

I hope that this helps give you the basic gist of my thinking. --Ermeyers 21:34, 16 August 2006 (UTC)

The Christianity Wiki in WikiaEdit

I'm very interested in the discussion of Christianity Knowledge Base:ChristianKM as it applies to The Christianity Wiki in Wikia.

global Wiki community development and community buildingEdit

I'm currently learning about WikiSym 2006.

I'm also reading at

The Christian Cross AsterismEdit

I've been doing a lot of personal organizational work in Wikipedia:User:Ermeyers, and I'm trying to resolve historical date and time disputes in our recorded history, especially with regard to the actual dates of the birth and death of Jesus of Nazareth. I happened to stumble upon some things, and I discovered the Christian Cross Asterism that occured well before the birth of Jesus. The KStars program that I'm using says that it occured on August 29, 26 BCE, but I'm not convinced that the date is completely correct, because of all the many changes that have occured in our calendar dating systems over time. I need to verify the program's date calculations, before I am certain of the date that is being reported, but I'm just going with what I know for now. See Wikipedia:User:Ermeyers#Unseen History, and here's a little better image. Feel free to discuss what you see on my talk page, and then I'll eventually tell you what I see.

ChristianCrossAsterism 160000 29August26BCE LimaPeruZenith

Wikipedia:Christian Cross Asterism (astronomy) textEdit

On August 29, 26 BC/BCE, the Christianity symbolic Christian Cross asterism appeared at the Zenith of Lima, Peru. The local time of 16:00:00 in Lima, Peru, corresponds to it being Midnight in Jerusalem, Israel. Lima, Peru is located in the New World in South America, and it's called the The City of Kings. This asterism image was discovered and created using KStars using the date August 29, 26 BC. It would have been unlikely that this solar system formation was observed, since the planetary formation occurred during the day.

ChristianCrossAsterism 160000 29August26BCE LimaPeruZenith

Christian Cross Asterism dated 29 August 26 BCE at 16:00.

About Time TravelingEdit

The KStars program lets you travel in time, and you can follow the Moon's, and thus the Earth's, projected path across the great Ecliptic path that the Sun and all of the planets in our solar system have appeared to have travelled across over all moments of time. It's a very beautiful universal system that God has created, and you can't appreciate what you've not seen and experienced for yourself. Got Ichthys? Or. Got some Christian Fish Symbol in clear view anyone? Please feel free to discuss your observations and insights.


My PersonalityEdit

A little peek into my soul:

  • Extrovert and Expressive, which means that I'm not very shy, nor do you need to necessarily guess what I'm thinking or feeling at any given moment.
  • Friendly and Feeling, which means that people will eventually like me, once they've actually taken the time to get to know me better as an individual.
  • Open, which means that, reading me like an open book, you may catch me in an occasional honest mistake, but never a dishonest lie, and if I ever figure out for myself that I actually lied to you, by accident, then I'd be sure to try to find some way to let you know, so that we can both be better informed.
  • Stable, which means that I won't ever change too quickly, unless I'm absolutely certain of a necessary change.
  • Philosophical – my Idiosyncrasies
    • I often either appear to be an overly religious Christian zealot, or I appear to be mostly crazy, to most people today, and that is something that I often admit, openly and freely, because I'm actually very comfortable with my own different personal qualities.
  • Patient, which means that I'll wait, if I really have to give something time to develop.
  • Persistent, which means that despite some of the very common negative, first-impression, reactions and initial feelings of adversity that I often get from some people not totally comfortable with the yet unknown things that I work very diligently to create for the public good. I work hard to continue to make progress.
  • Enduring, which means that I won't ever give up, unless someone actually manages to convince me of The Truth behind the real reason to do something much better otherwise.
  • Comfortable, which means that I am who I am, like me or not.

World Health and Global FriendshipEdit

Every person can reason, find their importance and their own meaning in this world, and the one certain thing that I've learned in this world is that we don't always get to pick what happens to us, or when it happens to happen to us. It's simply called happenstance and luck, be it good or bad.

Healing and FriendshipEdit

If you can actually help to support someone work through a problem:Edit

Please find a way to do so.

If you're dealing with any difficult personal problemsEdit

If you are feeling very alone in this world, while you are going through some very tough times, then I'd like to offer you some much needed friendship. If you ever need someone who will listen to you, then I'm available at the sites listed here or via email, because I've personally been through hell, and back, myself.

I'm personally here to help you find a way to tough it out, because that is just what you've got to do.

I experienced a family member's suicide in my youth, and I've personally been through a miserable divorce, the real scare of cancer and a major depression event, and I'm still trying to overcome a very difficult PNS disorder. Wikipedia:Neurasthenia is the name of my chronic illness.

There's always an outlet available for you, here with me, for you to share your misery, your questions or frustrations in life.

The Way of GriefEdit

Towards the end of The Passion of The Christ, an observer named Simon of Cyrene was told to help Jesus carry the True Cross to Calvary, and when passing through the Via Dolorosa, The Path of Sorrow, in complete agony, a little help from a Christian friend is always a good thing.

Ecce Homo, and behold a very simple message, that even Jesus didn't refuse his good helper during his last bit of brutal suffering, but he did refuse to drink some wine laced with myrrh, and from my own very personal experience with brutal suffering, I believe that it was because he didn't need to dull the overwhelming pain, within him, anymore. He was probably just a little exhausted toward the end of that very long road toward His Great Peace and The Great Peacemaking that He performed with His Great Faith in Ēl ‘Elyōn.

The Royal Truth in The Truth WikiEdit

Please use Wikia:c:Scratchpad:Truth.

Okay Azzam the American, please read Wikipedia:Me (mythology). Did you see #15 -- Truth? I want The Royal Truth of the Perennial philosophy!

The Magi had their Royal Stars to determine the correct season. I also want The Royal Truth, and I want The Royal Reason. I want The Royal Reality to be shared by everyone on this little planet, and I don't really care what That Royal Truth is, other than it being The Royal Truth that brings about The Royal Peace on Earth and Goodwill toward Man.

We the People are Abrahamic brothers, and just look at our great folly!

Christians can't agree with other Christians. Muslims can't agree with other Muslims. Jews can't agree with other Jews. What a complete mess of babel from everyone in The Great Abrahamic Religions.

Like Melchizedek, be it Salem, Salaam or Shalom, I want Peace of Mind for everyone here on Earth! Carpe diem to all of you Christian, Islamic, Jewish and Other madmen of this world contributing to the anarchism, fascism and terrorism with the anarchists, fascists and terrorists promoting the chaos, fear and great agony in this world!

With respect to great agony, of course I'm refering to The Passion of The Christ.

The Truth Wiki in Wikia will be for globally sharing our mutual Love, Caring and Respect for our common thoughts, our common feelings and our common God who gave us the capacity to act with the greatest virtue of reason.

The World Truth Center (WTC)
Personal IntuitionGlobal Interaction
Personal CognitionGlobal Communication
Personal AffectionGlobal Cooperation
Personal ConationGlobal Collaboration

The honest, reasonable and faithful people of this world and the overwhelming number of members of The Abrahamic religions can come to The Truth Wiki to collect in Good Faith toward helping each other to stop The Holy Wars, The Great Terrors and The Terrible Hatred, and start making something very special, but not so simple, called Peace.

Paying some much needed Homage/Ibadah to God/Allah the Father of us all, and in my personal case to my personal Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ.

  • The Christian Crusades
  • The Islamic Jihad
  • The Jewish Zealotry
  • The War on Terror (I'm all for fighting terrorists!)

The Truth Wiki will be a place for Spirituality, Peacemaking and Goodwill toward our fellow man.

Effective long-term Peacemaking is not to be confused with the basically short-term and ineffective idea of Peacekeeping. Pretending to have Peace, or keeping the status quo for the sake of having some Peace, is a complete deception and an accident waiting to happen, while fighting The Good Fight for Peace is The Way, The Truth and The Life of Good People, like Jesus or Isa.

Aspects of The Mind

Conation is The Power to Act, be it good or bad actions.

From the Latin word Conor which means to try and strive in attempting some action to create some personal advantage, we get the English word conation which is related to personal goal-directed activity, inside or out. These actions may be proactive conscious personal decisions or reactive subconscious personal behavior patterns.

Individuals could attempt to ameliorate situations as peacemakers who constructively try to create peace, order and organization in their personal environment, or they could deteriorate situations by doing violence to create chaos to satisfy some agenda.

May God Bless you Azzam the American.

I'm not Evangelizing; instead, I'm telling The Truth as I understand it from God/Allah.


Eric R. Meyers


That's some very neat math Wikipedia:God: Thanks to God for the English language and arithmetic!


Eric (Always ruler) Richard (Brave ruler) Meyers (Principle officer in charge of the lord's house)

Amen (In truth)

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