I am quoting, (Jack Van Impe) King James Bible, page 10: "There are a number of chapters within God's Word that seems to picture the USA. No other nation through-out history can so convinvingly fulfill all of the requirements of the texts. America is certainly included in the judgments upon all nations (Ezekiel 39:21). America also seems to be the political Babylon of Revalation 18. Gods word mentions three Babylons: a city (Genesis 11), a church (Revelation 17), and a country (Revelation 18). Don't confuse the three.

Isaiah, Jeremiah, and John describe this country: Isaiah 18:1, 2 --- America's emblem, with out-stretched wings; beyond the sea from Israel; a nation, scattered and peeled, meaning spread out and cultured: measured or staked out and polluted in its waterways.

Jeremiah 50 --- Here she is called the heritage of the Lord and faces judgment because of her backsliding (vs. 11). A nation of mingled people (vs. 37); a nation whose coexisting "mother" (England) is confounded at the hour of her decline (vs. 12)

Jeremiah 51 --- In this text America is bordered by the worlds two largest oceans and possesses its longest river (vs. 13); her welath plagues the nations to jealousy (vs.7); her space exploits are fantastic (vs.53).

John pictures two Babylons in Revelation. One is a world religion (Chapter 17), the other an internationally respected nation (vs.3); laden with sin (Vs.5), with a super-abundance of material goods producing idleness and sin (vs.7). America today is surely laden with iniquity with it's drunkenness, drug addiction, tobacco, gambling, prostition, homosexuality, smut peddlers, immorality, abortions, mercy killers, murderers, robbers and looters. There is a specific jugment administered against Babylon, identified as America. A sneak attack is predicted in (Jeremiah 50:24) and in one hour Babylon is destroyed (Revelation18:10). Some biblical scholars believe that Russia starts the sneak nuclear attack against the USA, crippling her, and then against Israel (Ezekiel 39:2). Whatever the alignments of events, it is clear that both nations fall, Christ returns, and world peace begins."

~ JVI King James Bible

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