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History of creationism

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Progressive creationism
Theistic Evolution
Young Earth Creationism

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Framework interpretation
Omphalos hypothesis

Creation science

Flood geology
Intelligent design


Creation-evolution controversy
Public education
Teach the Controversy
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Origins of the MovementEdit

Accepted BeliefsEdit

Chronology of the BeginningEdit

The Creation WeekEdit

The first chapter of Genesis describes the literal creation of the world.

Eden and the FallEdit

Noah's FloodEdit

The Post Flood WorldEdit

Other BeliefsEdit

Vapor CanopyEdit

Cohabitation with DinosaursEdit

Proposed EvidenceEdit

Human AnomaliesEdit

Misplaced ArtifactsEdit

Polystrate FossilsEdit

Criticism of EvolutionEdit

Well Known Young Earth CreationistsEdit

  • Carl Baugh
  • Ken Ham
  • Kirk Cameron
  • Jonathon Safarti
  • Dr. Kent Hovind [[1]]

See alsoEdit

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